Foundation for Apps

Getting Started

It’s even easier to get started with a new Foundation for Apps project.

  1. Install Foundation for Apps CLI

    Do this the first time creating a new project and then never worry about it again. You’ll first need to have Node.js, Git and Ruby installed on your machine. Then it's as simple as running this command.

    npm install -g foundation-cli bower gulp

    If you don't have Bundler installed, you'll want to install that as well:

    gem install bundler

  2. Create a new project

    From here on out creating a new Foundation for Apps project is as easy as one command. You’ll even get a great starter theme set up with an Angular View.

    foundation new myApp

    Change myApp to the name you'd like the folder to be. This will download our template stack, and install Foundation for Apps, Angular, and Gulp. The whole process takes between 30 seconds and a minute, depending on your Internet connection.

  3. Run your app

    When you’re working on your app cd into your app name and run npm start, this will run our gulp task and set up a server for you to view your app at localhost:8080

    npm start

  4. Start building

    Head over to the docs and start building your next responsive web app.

    Visit Docs