Foundation for Apps

A few templates, on us!

We’ve created templates that match some of today’s popular apps’ power and behavior. Take a look!

Foundation for Apps Templates

Email App

Build a three-column email app for desktop browsers whose navigation and messages slide in from the side on mobile devices. It’s a perfect example of responsive apps that adjust to screen size.


Chat App

Build the perfect chat experience and push the limits on a grid that lets you carve screens into many useful pieces.


Music App

Become the next big music streaming service — but unlike the big guys, make sure your app can work on every device with no need to download special software per platform.


Travel App

Take advantage of large screens: Split ’em in half when you have the space, and only show the must-have stuff on smaller screens.


Productivity App

Productivity apps are hot. Use this template to mimic some of the most popular side-scrolling apps on the market.