Getting Started With Foundation

We made Foundation easy to get started making amazing Sites and Apps. We put together these guides to help you get up and running in no time. These guides include Sass setup and install, how to use the Foundation Sass, JavaScript, accessibility and more.

Foundation for Sites

Easy to use HTML, CSS and Javascript to help create all kinds of awesome.

We put together some guides to help you get started ultra fast. The fastest way to start is to dowload the CSS version. If you want the power of Sass, we created a CLI to help you create and update projects. Working on Rails App? We got you covered.

Foundation for Emails

Create custom responsive emails that work on every device, even Outlook.

Getting started with Foundation for Emails is easy. You can download the framework with CSS and a couple sample templates. We also included a simple process to make sure your emails work every time.

Do Some Construction

Give your work a visual boost. Don't worry, we've got what you need.

HTML Templates

We’ve created templates to jump start your next Foundation project. These templates will help you build faster or get an idea for your next project's layout.

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Foundation Forum

The Foundation forum is a great place to get involved in discussions, get answers, and help someone out! Find helpful articles and tutorials there too!

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All around the globe people are using Foundation to create beautiful websites and the community is continually making some incredible add-ons to take it even further.

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We love it when you share the work you created, the tunes you listen to when coding with Foundation, or any other interesting tidbits.

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