Foundation for Emails

Use Foundation for Emails to design responsive HTML emails that work in any email client.

Getting Started

There are two ways to get started with Foundation for Emails: the CSS version and the Sass version.

The CSS version is a ZIP file download with all the HTML and CSS you need to get started writing an HTML email. You'll need to run your HTML through our web inliner before you can send them off.

Get Started with CSS Version

The Sass version gives you more control over the visual styles of the framework, and a full build process, which includes a Sass compiler and image compression. It also includes Inky, our custom HTML language which makes writing code faster, a built-in inliner, and a live reloading server for testing. The Sass version requires you to have Node.js installed.

Get Started with Sass Version

What's in the Box?

Get to know the pieces of Foundation.