Contribute to Foundation

Foundation is a global community that has contributions from over 850 developers. Whether it’s bug fixing, feature development, or contributions to the ecosystem, designers and developers from all over the world help make Foundation the most advanced framework in the world.

How to get involved in the Foundation community

Together, we can support a framework that allows you to quickly produce sites, apps, or emails that work on any device. We put together these guides to highlight the various ways to be involved in the Foundation community.

Featured Contributors

These are just some of the people who are contributing to the ecosystem of Foundation.

Joe Workman

As the creator of Foundation Stacks, Joe's tools help people build faster with Foundation. He also is the lead on the Foundation Yetinaut team.

James Stone

James is a powerhouse producing Youtube videos, written tutorials, and a book (in progress) all on Foundation. He does a great job explaining the how and why things works and provides insightful responses on the Forum.

Jeremy Englert

Jeremy created a super popular starter WordPress theme for Foundation. He writes blog posts and jumps in to help people on the Forum with posts relating to Foundation and WordPress.

How to Contribute

To contribute, simply help close down 10 issues on our GitHub page. Any comment you provide that helps us close an issue counts. And after 10, you’ll get a Foundation t-shirt!

If an issue appears to be a bug, make sure that authors provide at the very least the following:

  • A snippet of code or a link to code available that causes the issue to occur. This could include a link to:
    • The production website that experiences this issue
    • The GitHub repo that contains the code
    • A JSFiddle, CodePen, etc.
  • Additional information about the browser and o/s being used. For example: an iPhone v6.0.1 running Safari or IE9 on Windows 7, etc.

When answering questions the following things are very useful:

  • Providing snippets of code that help fix the issue (i.e. new HTML markup, CSS rules, JS code, etc)
  • Linking to external blog posts, articles, Stack Overflow links that address the issue
  • Putting together a pull request (PR) that fixes the issue and linking to it in the issue it helps to fix.


The following are some of the issues in our repo that are good examples of how issues should be addressed and closed down:

Weird padding/margin/gap issue in column
Last menu item disappears on mobile view
Text and buttons over image in Orbit
Orbit height — variable vs tallest content
Joyride breaks if Modernizr isn't included on the page

Helpful Resources

The following sites can be very useful for finding out potential solutions to questions asked on GitHub:

Foundation’s Forum
Foundation’s Twitter

Earn a Foundation Tee

Resolve 10 issues on our GitHub page and tweet us your Github Username to get your very own Yeti Tee.