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Welcome to the Foundation community! The Foundation Forum is your place to share tips and tricks, get answers to your most baffling questions and discuss all things Foundation. You’ll be connected with other talented developers and designers from around the world who will inspire you with their projects and help get you unstuck when you’ve hit a wall with your code. You’re no longer on your own, you’ve got the ZURB Foundation team, the Yetinauts and the rest of the Foundation family on your side to help you crush it!

Share Your Ideas on the Foundation Forum

You can get started engaging your new community right away! We put together some ways to jump in and be part of the Foundation community:

Answer questions to support your peers

Build up your reputation as a Foundation expert. Answer questions to gain Foundation Forum points! Each of your answers that are marked as helpful gain you a point. If your answer is marked as most-helpful you earn 5 points!

Mark replies as helpful to give credit

Mark comments as helpful to give recognition to people who provide answers and insights. Marking comments as helpful will increase the engagement with your fellow commenters without adding a comment. This helps create an incentive to post more interesting content and solutions.

Learn new techniques by following posts

Interested in a particular topic or post? Get in there and start following posts. My Forum is a great way to track activity on followed posts!

Share your work and be recognized as an expert

You’re doing amazing things everyday. Share a component, page, or website you’re proud of and the techniques you used. People love seeing unique approaches to responsive design.

Post a question, get answers

Got a Foundation or responsive design question? Create a post to ask a question. We have a strong community of designers and engineers who can help.

Your Foundation Profile

Your Foundation profile is where everyone sees how awesome you are.

Your Foundation profile is where everyone sees how awesome you are. So what are points and why the heck should you care about them? Because they let everyone know that you're a badass designer and/or developer and a good person to boot. To get points, you need to be active on the forum helping out the newbies and taking on challenges with the seasoned vets. Points reflect your commitment to your craft, and can open up some awesome doors for you.

You can also check up on all your communications right here and see who took notice of your comments and posts.

Getting a Great Response

Some tricks to help you get better responses.

Provide answers and insights

Jumping into answer or share your experiences on other people's posts will get you noticed and people will be more likely to reciprocate. It’s fun and a great way to learn new things!

Quickly get answers by searching first

It’s likely your question has been asked before. Search first to save time. Jump into existing conversations. Collaborate!

Be detailed when posting a question

Explaining your question in detail is helpful. Adding the code you are working with, a link to the site, a demo on CodePen, or screenshots can really help the community assist you. Add your code to one of the codepens below, fork it, and share the link.

Foundation is a community, as well as a Framework

Helping each other is what our community is all about. It’s ok to not have all the answers. Sometimes we can lead people to the right answer by asking questions. By getting in there and helping out, more people will help you.

Subjects covered in the Foundation Forum

Posts in the Foundation Forum should be discussions or questions about the use of Foundation, Responsive Design, or the surrounding ecosystem of Foundation. If you post subjects that are not Foundation, you will be directed to an alternative discussion forum.

Post a new discussion

Create one thread and only one thread for each subject. Do not re-use existing threads started by others, even if they are seemingly on the same subject. Ask a new question instead.

Images, GIF’s, Code examples

You can add images, such as a "screenshot" of your computer screen. Added images or other media must help explain a Foundation problem or solution.

Upload an image or GIF’s:

Sharing code examples really helps make your post more understandable along with increasing the likelihood you’ll get better answers.

Use the insert code button to add code:

Note: Basic instructions for creating a screenshot are given in How do I create a screenshot of my problem?.


Links to articles, videos, your website, and examples can really get your post better responses.

Use the link tool to add a link:

Do not post direct links to executable files. Moderators may remove these links to protect users from potentially malicious downloads. (You can post a link to the webpage that contains the file download but it may also be removed if a Moderator finds that the web page content could be harmful or if the web page link is spam.)

Sensitive information

Don't post any sensitive information. Moderators will remove personal information from posts to protect your privacy. Inappropriate media will be removed.

Language and conduct

We’re all friends here. Do not use obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, or excessively violent language. Do not harass, insult, taunt, provoke, demean, or personally attack other forum members. Be friendly even if others are not. If you do, a moderator may suspend or block your account.

You can see our full code of conduct on GitHub.


Users who post forum spam will have their posts removed. If a post that is otherwise appropriate includes links considered to be spam, those links will be removed. If your post was marked as spam and you don’t think it should be, email us and we’ll help you out.

If you see a post that should be marked as spam, help the community by marking it as spam. You'll find the "Flag as Spam" button above the replies counter.

We’re looking forward to seeing you participate in the Foundation community!

Rafi & The Foundation Team