Prototyping Utility Helpers

Quickly prototype layouts and UI with Foundation's Prototyping Utilities. Foundation 6.4 shipped with lots of helpful Prototyping Utilities which will help you Prototype like a pro. These optional classes and mixins are great realizing your sketches and mockups into hi-fi coded prototype's ultra fast. Kball from the Foundation team will show you how you can use these utilities in your projects right away.

While in early stage development it's extremely valuable to get ideas and interactions up and shared with stakeholders for scrutiny. This is where rapid prototyping comes in. Get the idea out, get feedback, iterate, repeat. Foundation's Prototyping Utilities help you build coded prototypes from scratch ultra-fast. From positioning to visual styles, there are a range of utilities to choose from. Every Utility has a mixin, so you can use your own custom classes or swap classes for mixins in production for cleaner markup.

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A Word From Our Students

Here's a few words from folks who took the course.

The presenters also took time to clearly answer the questions, even if it meant a bit of background research was required. We have been using Foundation for two years on one of our websites, so some of the advanced features were really interesting to us.

Joe Alderson

Joe Alderson


Great to have answers from the experts via live chat in real time.

Kevin Nicholson

Kevin Nicholson


There was a lot of features I never took advantage of which I will be now.

alex whedbee

Alex Whedbee

California Department of Developmental Services