Right-to-Left Support

Right-to-left text direction support in Foundation allows you to easily switch text direction for all components.


Foundation was built to support right-to-left text direction out of the box, but you'll need to make a couple of adjustments to your markup and Sass to get everything up and running.

Markup Changes for Right-to-Left Languages

You'll need to make a few changes to your markup to get the Javascript components working nice and smooth. In the html tag, you'll need to add a dir attribute with a value of rtl. Here's what your html tag should look like:


<!-- This example is for a right-to-left Arabic layout --> <html class="no-js" lang="ar" dir="rtl">

Change the Language Too

You'll need to change your lang attribute value to match your language. Here's a handy list of common right-to-left languages and their html codes:

  • Arabic: ar
  • Chinese: zh
  • Farsi: fa
  • Hebrew: he, iw
  • Japanese: ja
  • Urdu: ur
  • Yiddish: yi, ji

A Single Sass Adjustment

We made it really easy to switch the entire Foundation grid to right-to-left by changing the $text-direction Sass variable. Here's what the variable should look like:


$text-direction: rtl;

By changing this single variable, the entire grid and all the Foundation components will be switched to right-to-left orientation.

Using CSS

If you prefer vanilla CSS, use the customizer to download Foundation and get right-to-left support. Your download should be ready to use without any of the steps mentioned above.

Download Right-to-Left Foundation »

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